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Maximal possible size of shapes displayed by the visualizer.

property MaxShapeSize: TRVStyleLength;

This value is measured in screen pixels or in twips (1/20 of point), depending on Units property of TRVStyle component.

If MaxShapeSize > 0, it specifies the the maximal possible diameter of an imaginary circle around each shape.

Unlike the most of other visualizers' "max size" properties, this property limits a size not of the whole diagram, but of its fragment (shapes).

If MaxShapeSize > 0, the maximal possible diagram size is:

width: MaxShapeSize * ColCount + Spacing * (ColCount - 1) + Padding * 2

height: MaxShapeSize * RowCount + Spacing * (RowCount - 1) + Padding * 2

(additionally, there is space around the diagram specified in Margin)