TRVReportShapeRepeaterVisualizer Properties

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TRVReportShapeRepeaterVisualizer Properties

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In TRVReportShapeRepeaterVisualizer

published BackgroundColor

published ColCount

published Color

published ColorEmpty

published Direction

published LineColorEmpty

published MaxShapeSize

published OpacityEmpty

published Padding

published RowCount

published Spacing

Inherited from TRVReportCustomShapeVisualizer

published Gradient

published LineUsesFillColor

published ShapeProperties

published ShapeScaleX

Inherited from TRVReportCustomValueVisualizer

published HAlign

published LineColor

published Margin

published VAlign

Inherited from TRVReportCustomValueVisualizerBase

published AutoMaxValue

published AutoMinValue

published MaxValue

published MinValue

published ValueString