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This property allows linking this cell with a color changer.

property ColorChangerId: TRVValueVisualizerId;

This property allows referring to the item in the report table's BackgroundColorChangers collection by its Id property. (or -1, if this cell is not linked to a color changer).

When TRVReportGenerator generates a report, it calculates a value of this item's ValueString for this cell and assigns it to ColorValue.

After applying table's RowGenerationRules and CrossTabulation, multiple cells may be produced from this cell. All these cells will be linked to the specified color changer.

In a report template (before a report generation) several cells may be linked to the same color changer. In this case, for all cells produced from these cells, background color and opacity will be changed using the same minimal and maximal values.

A direct assignment to this property cannot be undone by the user. Use Table.SetCellColorChanger to assign a new value to this property as an editing operation.

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