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A string containing a data query.

property DataQuery: TRVUnicodeString;

An example of a DataQuery is a SQL query, like 'SELECT * FROM MyTable'.

TRVReportGenerator creates a query processor for this data query. This query processor returns data for this query, and the report generator replicates rows specified in FirstRow and RowCount properties as many times as many records exist in the returned data. Then the report generator processes these replicated rows, replacing data fields in them accordingly.

Normally, the report generator travels through the results of this query only once. But for cross-tab reports, the report generator may travel 3 up times:

1.when generating columns, if Table.CrossTabulation.ColumnGenerationType = rvcgtAutoSeparate or rvcgtAutoGroup (only for the first rule in the table)

2.when filling cells of cross-tab columns;

3.when filling the rest of cells.

Default value:

'' (empty string)

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