TRVRowGenerationCustomRule.FirstRow, RowCount

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TRVRowGenerationCustomRule.FirstRow, RowCount

The properties defining a range of rows of the report table to apply this rule.

property FirstRow: Integer;

property RowCount: Integer;

The rule is applied to the row range FirstRow..FirstRow+RowCount-1. Indexes of rows are counted from 0.

If this is a nested rule, FirstRow is added to the position of its parent rule.

The rule is applied only if the range of rows is correct, i.e.:

for a root rule, this range is inside 0..Table.RowCount-1;

for a nested rule, this range is inside 0..RowCount-1 of the parent rule;

table rows belonging to this range do not overlap with rows below and above (because of a vertical cell merging)

this range does not intersect with ranges of rules having lower indexes in the collection.

The row indexes are counted in the original table in a report template (not in a table produced by an application of previous rules).

Default values:

FirstRow = 0

RowCount = 1