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A name of this row generation rule.

property Name: TRVUnicodeString;

A name allows data fields to refer to data produced by an application of this rule. Also, it makes it easier to identify a rule in the report generator events, such as OnDataQueryProgress.

A name is optional: if it is omitted in a data field, results of the most recent query processor (for a table rule or a cell) is used.


Let we have database tables:

MasterTable having fields: master_id, master_name

DetailTable having fields: master_id, detail_name and others

We need to produce a master-detail report.

We add a report table with a rule:


DataQuery='SELECT * FROM MasterTable',

FirstRow=0, RowCount=1.

In the top left cell of this table, we insert:

text: 'Master name: {Master:master_name}

another table with a rule:


oDataQuery='SELECT * FROM DetailTable WHERE master_id={Master:master_id}'

text in a cell: 'Detail name: {Detail:detail_name}'

In all cases in this example, we can omit references to the rules (i.e. 'Master:' and 'Detail:' inside {}), because in this example all data fields refer to the most recent rule in their context.

Default value:

'' (empty string)

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