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A collection of nested rules for this rule.

property SubRules: TRVRowGenerationNestedRules;

Nested rules are applied only if:

if cross-tabulation is not defined (i.e. the table's CrossTabulation.Levels.Count = 0)

copying is not defined in the rule (i.e. CopyColCount = 0).

Nested rules allow applying data queries to [parts of] rows belonging to this rule.

Rows of nested rules must be included in rows of this rule. Rows of nested rules must not overlap with each other.

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Order of processing

The report generator processes rules and also cells of report tables.

The order of processing is the following:

1.the first sub-rule (rows are replicated)

2.cells belonging to the first sub-rule's replicated fragment, i.e. all cells between its SkipLeftColCount and SkipRightColCount columns;

3.other cells of the first sub-rule, i.e. all cells of the outermost SkipLeftColCount and SkipRightColCount columns;

4.the same for the second sub-rule, and so on

5.cells of this rule, not belonging to sub-rules