New in v7.0

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New in v7.0

Compatibility issues

A zooming panel is always drawn using the parent TSRichViewEdit's BackgroundProperty. It does not use TSRichViewEdit.Color any more.

Previously, the default values of TSRichViewEdit's MenuVertical.ButtonHeight and MenuHorizontal.ButtonWidth were ignored, a size of buttons was autocalculated. In this update, autocalculation is removed.

A new parameters for TSRichViewEdit.DrawPage: UseWordPainters, ForMetafile.

The default value of TSRichViewEdit's MenuVertical.ButtonHeight is changed from 26 to 20.


Since this version,TSRichViewEdit draws and prints text using Uniscribe. You can switch back to Windows API using TextEngine property.

Printing output may be incompatible with metafiles (so it may cause problems to some virtual printers). A metafile-compatible mode can be set by:

new optional parameter of TSRichViewEdit.PrintAll, PrintCurrent, PrintRange, DrawPage methods;

TSRVPrint.MetafileCompatibility property

TRVAControlPanel.MetafileCompatibility property (used in TsrvActionPrint and TsrvActionQuickPrint).


Since this version, TSRichViewEdit supports transparent objects, including pictures and semitransparent backgrounds of paragraphs, tables and text boxes.

Transparency is supported both on the screen and when printing. The most of printers do not support transparency, so TSRichViewEdit draws semitransparent areas in bitmaps and prints this bitmap.

Previously, TSRichViewEdit only were able to draw transparent pictures on the screen.

Line numbers

TSRichViewEdit can show line numbers. New property: LineNumberProperty.

New action:

a_linenumbers TsrvActionLineNumbers shows or hides line numbers.

Installation and directory structure

Starting from this update, ScaleRichView is installed automatically in Delphi and C++Builder IDE.

The new installer installs the components in Delphi and C++Builder, both for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms (if available). The installer adds all necessary paths to RAD Studio library.

Source code is moved to "Source" folder, inc-file is moved to "Source\Include" folder. Demo projects that use SRVControls are moved to "Demos" folder of SRVControls.

This help file is integrated in RAD Studio IDE (for XE8+)