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Draws the PageNo-th page onto the specified canvas.

procedure DrawPage(PageNo, PageWd, PageHt, OffX, OffY: Integer; 

  CanvasPage: TCanvas; PageNoVisible, ClipMargins, Printing: Boolean;

  UseWordPainters: Boolean; ForMetafile: Boolean = False);

PageNo – index of page, from 1.

CanvasPage – a canvas where to draw.

Bounds(OffX, OffY, PageWd, PageHt) defines a rectangle on CanvasPage where the page will be drawn. Page image will be scaled to PageWd x PageHt.

PageNoVisible specifies whether to print page numbers (see the properties of PageProperty).

ClipMargins specifies whether all drawing outside the document area (i.e. drawing on margins) will be cropped.

Printing specifies whether this is a drawing for printing (a special method for drawing pictures is used in this case).

If UseWordPainters=True, live spelling underlines will be drawn.

If ForMetafile=False, printing output may be incompatible with metafiles; the component may use font glyph indexes instead of character codes when printing text. Such metafiles will be displayed incorrectly on computers without this font or with another version of this font.

If ForMetafile=True, the component always uses character codes when printing text, to create metafile-compatible output.

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