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Occurs when a hyperlink is drawn.


  TSRVDataDrawHyperlinkEvent = procedure(Sender: TSRichViewEdit;

     Canvas : TCanvas; RVData: TCustomRVData; PageNo, ItemNo: Integer;

     RepaintRect, R: TRect) of object;


property OnDrawHyperlink : TSRVDataDrawHyperlinkEvent;

This event can be used for the following tasks:

storing locations of hyperlinks when calling DrawPage or DrawMetafile

custom drawing (see the demo Demos\Basic Demos\DrawHyperlink\)


Canvas – a canvas where the page is drawn.

PageNo – a page containing this hyperlink, from 1.

RVData, ItemNo – location of the hyperlink. RVData is a document (RichViewEdit.RVData, table cell, or cell inplace editor's RVData), ItemNo is an index of item in this document.

RepaintRect – page area (the same as returned by GetPageClientRect).

R – hyperlink area

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