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SRVControls is a set of controls designed for insertion in TSRichViewEdit.


SRVButton TSRVButton – button;

SRVCheckBox TSRVCheckBox – check box;

SRVComboBox TSRVComboBox – combo box; hierarchical; with images, custom colors and fonts; with hints (suggestions);

SRVEdit TSRVEdit – plain-text one-line editor with hints (suggestions);

SRVGroupBox TSRVGroupBox – panel with a title;

SRVImagesScroll TSRVImagesScroll – gallery of images;

SRVLabel TSRVLabel – text label;

SRVListBox TSRVListBox – scrollable list of items; hierarchical; with images, check boxes, custom colors and fonts;

Srvpaintbox TSRVPaintBox – controls for custom drawing;

SRVPanel TSRVPanel – panel;

SRVRadioButton TSRVRadioButton – radio button.

See also:

srvscrollbar TSRVScrollBar;

srvtabset TSRVTabSet.

All the controls above can be skinned using TSRVSkinManager.

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