TSRichViewEdit.BottomMarginPix, BottomMargin100Pix

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TSRichViewEdit.BottomMarginPix, BottomMargin100Pix

Returns the bottom margin, in pixels.

property BottomMarginPix: Integer;

property BottomMargin100Pix: Integer;

The bottom margin is defined in PageProperty.BottomMargin. These properties return this margin converted to pixels.

BottomMarginPix is scaled according to ViewProperty.ZoomPercent (so this property returns the margin as it is displayed on the screen).

BottomMargin100Pix is not scaled, it is the margin in 96 DPI and 100% zooming:

BottomMarginPix := BottomMargin100Pix * (ZoomPercent / 100) * (<screen DPI> / 96).

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