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The page zooming percent.

property ZoomPercent: Single;

If ZoomMode = rvzmCustom, this value is assigned by the user. Otherwise it is calculated automatically.

Assigning to this property resets ZoomMode  to rvzmCustom.

When this property is changed, TSRichViewEdit.OnZoomChanged occurs.

This property can be changed in the range ZoomMin..ZoomMax. If the parent editor's PageProperty.AutoWidth = True, there is an additional auto-calculated upper limit, to prevent displaying too large content on too small pages.

If the parent editor's PageProperty.AutoWidth = True, zooming is applied to the document content, while sizes of pages depends on the editor size. Otherwise, zooming is applied to pages (both page size and content).

The result of zooming depend on the screen pixel depth (DPI). First, page sizes are calculated at 96 DPI. Next, the actual sizes are calculated as:

SizePix := Size100Pix * (ZoomPercent / 100) * (<Screen DPI> / 96)

If the application supports multiple monitors having different DPI (in Delphi 10.1+), <Screen DPI> is the DPI of the monitor containing the form that contains this editor. Otherwise, this is Screen.PixelsPerInch (i.e. DPI of the primary monitor). This value can be overridden by RichViewPixelsPerInch global variable.

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