TSRVViewProperty Properties

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TSRVViewProperty Properties

Properties  | Legend

In TSRVViewProperty

published AlignPageH

published AlignPageV

published AutoVScrollBarPosition

published FooterPen

published FooterTitleColor

published FooterTitleFont

published FreePosPage

published HeaderFooterShade

published HeaderPen

published HeaderTitleColor

published HeaderTitleFont

published HintFont

published HintPrefixText

published IconStyle

published MainDocumentShade

published MainPen

published MainTitleColor

published MainTitleFont

published MarginsPen

published MarginsRectVisible

published MaxPageColCount

published MouseWheelZoom

readonly PageHeight

readonly PageWidth

published ShowScrollHint

published TableIconDelay

published TableIconPopupMenu

published Texts

published UseTableIcons

published UseVCLThemes

published ViewMode

published WheelStep

published WorkArea

published ZoomMenu

published ZoomMin, ZoomMax

published ZoomMode

published ZoomModeEdit

published ZoomModeIN

published ZoomModeOUT

published ZoomPanelFont

published ZoomPanelVisible

published ZoomPercent

published ZoomPercentEdit

published ZoomPercentIN

published ZoomPercentOUT