TSRichViewEdit.ConvertToTwips, ConvertToPixels, ConvertToDifferentUnits

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The methods convert lengths in the documents and RVStyle components to twips or pixels.

procedure ConvertDocToTwips;

procedure ConvertDocToPixels;

procedure ConvertDocToDifferentUnits(NewUnits: TRVStyleUnits);

The methods convert documents and RVStyles of the following properties to new units:





RVNote (if a note is being edited)

The methods convert documents in these editors (using ConvertDocTo* methods) and their RVStyles (using Style.ConvertTo* methods).

If you do not change RVStyles of these editors (and rvfoCanChangeUnits is not included in their RVFOptions), it is enough to call a conversion method one time, unit of measurement will be kept.

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