TSRichViewEdit.ExternalRVStyle, ExternalRVStyleHeader, ExternalRVStyleFooter

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TSRichViewEdit.ExternalRVStyle, ExternalRVStyleHeader, ExternalRVStyleFooter

These properties allow using external TRVStyle components.

property ExternalRVStyle: TRVStyle;

property ExternalRVStyleHeader: TRVStyle;

property ExternalRVStyleFooter: TRVStyle;

Assigning these properties is optional. You can assign links to TRVStyle components to these properties.

If assigned (not nil):

ExternalRVStyle is assigned to RichViewEdit.Style

ExternalRVStyleHeader is assigned to RVHeader.Style

ExternalRVStyleFooter is assigned to RVFooter.Style

By default, these properties are not assigned (nil), and internal TRVStyle components are used.

All these components must be different, you cannot assign the same component to two or more of these properties.

These properties are useful if you want to define properties of TRVStyle at design time.


If UseStyleTemplates=True, the component assigns:

RichViewEdit.Style.MainRVStyle = nil;

RVHeader.Style.MainRVStyle = RichViewEdit.Style

RVFooter.Style.MainRVStyle = RichViewEdit.Style

If some of these TRVStyle components are external, these assignments are made to their properties too.