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Returns the index of page for the specified position in the document.

function GetPageNo(RVData: TCustomRVFormattedData; ItemNo, Offs : Integer): Integer;


The parameters define a position in the source document,

RVData is a document/subdocument. It can be either RVData of the source TRichView control, or table cell, or RVData of a cell inplace editor.

ItemNo is the index of item in this RVData.

OffsetInItem is the position inside this item. For non-text items, 0 is a position before the item, 1 is a position after the item. For text items, offsets are counted from 1 (1 - before the first character, 2 - before the second character, ... Length+1 - after the last character).

Return value:

Index of the page for this position, from 1.

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