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Occurs before and after the page is drawn.


  TSRVPaintPage = procedure(Sender: TObject; PageNo: Integer;

    PageRect, R: TRect; Canvas: TCanvas; Prepaint, Printing: Boolean) of object;


property OnPaintPage: TSRVPaintPage;

You can draw something on below or above the default drawing.

PageNo – index of the page, from 1.

PageRect – rectangle where to draw the page. Its size is the page size in 100% zooming.

R – client coordinates of area that needs to be repainted.

Canvas – canvas where to paint.

Prepaint is True if this event is called before the default drawing (to draw a background), and False otherwise.

Printing is True if this event is called for printing the page.

You should paint as if zooming is 100%. When drawing on the screen, all painting made in this event is automatically scaled according to ViewProperty.ZoomPercent.


Example: drawing page numbers

procedure TForm1.SRichVewEdit1PaintPage(Sender: TObject; PageNo: Integer;

  PageRect, R: TRect; Canvas: TCanvas; Prepaint, Printing: Boolean);


     H : Integer;

     Text: String;


  if Prepaint then


  Canvas.Brush.Style := bsClear;


  H := SRichViewEdit1.TopMargin100Pix;

  Text := 'Page ' + IntToStr(PageNo);

  Canvas.TextOut((PageRect.Left + PageRect.Right - Canvas.TextWidth(Text)) div 2,

    PageRect.Top+H div 2, Text);



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