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Allows to narrow a search scope.

RangeSearch: Boolean;

If it is True, the search is performed only in items located between coordinates specified in RangeSearchFirstY..RangeSearchLastY properties.

This range affects the following methods:

FindPriorItem, FindNextItem,

FindPriorHyperlink, FindNextHyperlink,

FindPriorCheckpoint, FindNextCheckpoint,

PriorCurItem, NextCurItem,

PriorCurHyperlink, NextCurHyperlink,

PriorCurCheckpoint, NextCurCheckpoint.

This feature can be used, for example, to search only on the some pages.

Example: searching for the first visible hyperlink (if any hyperlink is visible):


  RVData: TCustomRVData;

  RVData2: TCustomRVFormattedData;

  ItemNo, OffsetInItem: Integer;


SRichViewEdit1.RangeSearch := True;

SRichViewEdit1.RangeSearchFirstY := 0;

SRichViewEdit1.RangeSearchLastY := SRichViewEdit1.ClientHeight;

SRichViewEdit1.GetFirstItemVisibleRV(RVData2, ItemNo, OffsetInItem);

RVData := RVData2;


if FindNextHyperlink(RVData, ItemNo) then