TSRichViewEdit.PageWidthPix, PageWidth100Pix (read-only)

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TSRichViewEdit.PageWidthPix, PageWidth100Pix (read-only)

The properties return a page width of document on the screen.

property PageWidthPix: Integer;

property PageWidth100Pix: Integer;

PageWidthPix returns the page width converted to screen pixels and scaled according to ViewProperty.ZoomPercent (i.e. a page width as it can be seen in the control window).

PageWidth100Pix returns the page height converted to screen pixels in 96 DPI and ZoomPercent=100:

PageWidthPix := PageWidth100Pix * (ZoomPercent / 100) * (<screen DPI> / 96).

The same value measured in UnitsProgram is returned in ViewProperty.PageWidth.

The page width is defined in PageProperty.PageWidth.

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