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Begins editing the Document of the specified note or a text box item.

function StartEditNote(RVData: TCustomRVFormattedData;

  ItemNo: Integer; ScrollToNote: Boolean = True;

  SmoothScroll: Boolean = False): TRichViewEdit;

RVData and ItemNo must define the location of a note item. The following item types are supported:

footnotes (TRVFootnoteItemInfo)

endnotes (TRVEndnoteItemInfo)

sidenotes (TRVSidenoteItemInfo)

text box items (TRVTextBoxItemInfo)

This method changes value of ActiveEditor property (it becomes equal to RVNote).

If ScrollToNote=True, the method scrolls the control to show the edited note. If SmoothScroll = True, this scrolling is smooth.

Return value:

ActiveEditor if succeed. Nil if RVData and ItemNo do not define a location of a note or a text box item.

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