Notes and text boxes


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Notes and text boxes


TSRichViewEdit control can edit documents with footnotes, endnotes, sidenotes (notes in a floating box) and floating boxes.

When a note or a text box is being edited, its Document is loaded in TSRichViewEdit.RVNote, ActiveEditor becomes equal to RVNote, CurrentNote returns this note/text box item, CurrentNoteParentEditor returns the editor containing this note.

Footnotes and endnotes can be inserted only in the main document. Sidenotes and text box items can be inserted in the main document, headers and footers.


document of footnote/endnote must not be higher than one page;

ChangeStyleTemplates must not be called when a note editor is active.

Notes and text boxes in RichViewActions

a_footnote TsrvActionInsertFootnote inserts a footnote.

a_endnote TsrvActionInsertEndnote inserts an endnote.

a_sidenote TsrvActionInsertSidenote inserts a sidenote.

a_textbox TsrvActionInsertTextBox inserts a text box item.

a_noteedit TsrvActionEditNote starts editing a note or a text box.

a_notereturn TsrvActionReturnToNote moves the caret to the parent footnote/endnote.

Use the actions above instead of their analogs included in RichViewActions for TRichViewEdit controls.

Editing notes and text boxes without RichViewActions

Inserting a new footnote in SRichViewEdit1 (this example does not use StyleTemplates):

var Note: TRVFootnoteItemInfo;

    NoteRef: TRVNoteReferenceItemInfo;

    rve: TCustomRichViewEdit;


// we can insert a footnote only in the main document

rve := SRichViewEdit1.ActiveEditor;

if rve<>SRichViewEdit1.RichViewEdit then


// we will use item indices, so we require the top level editor

rve := rve.TopLevelEditor;

// creating a footnote

Note := TRVFootnoteItemInfo.CreateEx(rve.RVData, RVGetNoteTextStyleNo(rve.Style, rve.CurTextStyleNo), 1, False);

// filling Note.Document: adding a footnote number and a space character

NoteRef := TRVNoteReferenceItemInfo.CreateEx(Note.Document, RVGetNoteTextStyleNo(rve.Style, 0));

Note.Document.AddItem('', NoteRef);

Note.Document.AddNL(' ', 0, -1);

// inserting

if rve.InsertItem('', Note) then begin

  // starting editing the inserted footnote

  SRichViewEdit1.StartEditNote(rve.RVData, rve.CurItemNo);

  // moving the caret to the end of the Note.Document

  rve := SRichViewEdit1.ActiveEditor// now rv = SRichViewEdit.RVNote

  rve.SetSelectionBounds(rve.ItemCount-1, rve.GetOffsAfterItem(rve.ItemCount-1),

    rve.ItemCount-1, rve.GetOffsAfterItem(rve.ItemCount-1));


Returning from RVNote to the parent footnote/endnote: