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TsrvActionInsertFootnote inserts a footnote in the caret position.

Unit SRVActions;


TsrvActionInsertFootnote = class(TsrvActionInsertNote)



If TSRichViewEdit.RichViewEdit is active, this action inserts a footnote (TRVFootnoteItemInfo item).

If TSRichViewEdit.RVNote is active (editing a footnote.Document), this action inserts a reference to the parent footnote (TRVNoteReferenceItemInfo item).

Otherwise, this action is disabled.

When inserting a footnote, this action adds in its Document the following items:

reference to this footnote;

space character.

Attributes of inserted items depend on the target editor's UseStyleTemplates property.

If style templates are used, the footnote and the footnote reference characters are formatted using "footnote reference" style template. Otherwise, or if this style template does not exist, they are formatted as superscript text. In the both cases, rvprDoNotAutoSwitch is included in its Protection.

If style templates are used, footnote paragraph and text are formatted using "footnote text" style template. Otherwise, or if this style template does not exist, footnote text is formatted using Font property.

Note: "footnote reference" and "footnote text" style templates are added by default to TrvActionNew.StyleTemplates, so they are included in new documents.

Use this action instead of TrvActionInsertFootnote.

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