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Almost all RichViewActions designed for TRichViewEdit can be used with TSRichViewEdit.

However, printing actions (TrvActionPrint, TrvActionQuickPrint, TrvActionPrintPreview, TrvActionPageSetup) cannot be used. Also, it is highly preferred to use ScaleRichView versions of the note actions (do not use TrvActionInsertFootnote, TrvActionInsertEndnote, TrvActionInsertSidenote, TrvActionInsertTextBox, TrvActionEditNote).

Print and preview:

a_printquick TsrvActionQuickPrint

a_print TsrvActionPrint

a_printpreview TsrvActionPreview

Page setup:

a_pagesetup TsrvActionPageSetup

a_portrait TsrvActionOrientationPortrait changes page orientation to "portrait".

a_landscape TsrvActionOrientationLandscape changes page orientation to "landscape".

a_pagesize TsrvActionPageFormat changes page size.

a_linenumbers TsrvActionLineNumbers shows or hides line numbers.


a_thumbnails TsrvActionThumbnails shows/hides page thumbnails.

a_layoutdraft TsrvActionLayoutDraft switches the editor to a draft layout.

a_layoutweb TsrvActionLayoutWeb switches the editor to a web layout.

a_layoutprint TsrvActionLayoutPrint switches the editor to a print layout.


a_zoom TsrvActionZoom applies the specified zooming percent to the editor.

a_zoomw TsrvActionZoomPageWidth zooms the editor to fit the page width in the editor width.

a_zoomwp TsrvActionZoomFullPage zooms the editor to fit the full page in the editor.

Header and footer:

a_header TsrvActionEditHeader starts editing a page header.

a_footer TsrvActionEditFooter starts editing a page footer.

a_cross TsrvActionEditMain closes a header/footer editor and returns the main document.

Notes and text boxes:

a_footnote TsrvActionInsertFootnote inserts a footnote.

a_endnote TsrvActionInsertEndnote inserts an endnote.

a_sidenote TsrvActionInsertSidenote inserts a sidenote (a note in a floating box).

a_textbox TsrvActionInsertTextBox inserts a text box item.

a_noteedit TsrvActionEditNote starts editing a note or a text box.

a_notereturn TsrvActionReturnToNote moves the caret to the parent note.

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