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TsrvActionInsertTextBox inserts a text box item in the caret position.

Unit SRVActions;


TsrvActionInsertTextBox = class(TsrvActionCustomInsertSidenote)



If TSRichViewEdit.RichViewEdit, RVHeader or RVFooter is active, this action inserts a text box item (TRVTextBoxItemInfo item).

Otherwise, this action is disabled.

When inserting a text box, this action adds a single empty text item in its Document .

Attributes of this text item depend on the target editor's UseStyleTemplates property.

If style templates are used, this text item's paragraph and text are formatted using StyleTemplateName style template. Otherwise, or if this style template does not exist, this text is formatted using Font property.

The following properties are assigned to the inserted sidenote:

BoxProperties (default: width: 20% of page width, height: auto)

BoxPosition (default: horizontal - centered in the main text area, vertical - 20 pixels below the top of the line)

Use this action instead of TrvActionInsertSidenote.

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