TSRichViewEdit.CurrentNote, CurrentNoteParentEditor (read-only)

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TSRichViewEdit.CurrentNote, CurrentNoteParentEditor (read-only)

The properties return the note (or a text box) item edited in RVNote, and the editor containing this note.

property CurrentNote: TCustomRVNoteItemInfo;

property CurrentNoteParentEditor: TCustomRichViewEdit;

These properties return nil if a note is not being edited.

Use StartEditNote to start editing a note, use ReturnToNote to finish editing.

CurrentNote can be of one of the following types:

footnotes (TRVFootnoteItemInfo)

endnotes (TRVEndnoteItemInfo)

sidenotes (TRVSidenoteItemInfo)

text box items (TRVTextBoxItemInfo)

Footnotes and endnotes can be inserted only in RichViewEdit. Sidenotes and text boxes can be inserted in RichViewEdit, RVHeader and RVFooter.

CurrentNoteParentEditor always returns a root editor (RichViewEdit, RVHeader or RVFooter), even if a note is inserted in a table cell).

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