ScaleRichView Components

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ScaleRichView Components


srichviewedit TSRichViewEdit allows editing rich text documents in WYSIWYG mode. It supports scaling and different view modes, including a page-view mode.

dbsrichviewedit TDBSRichViewEdit is a data-aware version of WYSIWYG editing component.

scrlrvruler TSclRVRuler is a horizontal or vertical ruler designed to work with TSRichViewEdit. It is inherited from TRVRuler component included in RichViewActions.

srvtoolbar TSRVToolBar is a simplified analog of TToolBar. Instances of TSRVToolbar are used in TSRichViewEdit: they allow adding buttons in scrollbar area.

srvtoolwindow TSRVToolWindow  uses the TSRVToolBar and displays it in a popup window.

srvpagescroll TSRVPageScroll displays thumbnails of pages for documents prepared in TSRichViewEdit component.

srvprint TSRVPrint and srvpreview TSRVPreview are components for advanced printing of documents prepared in TSRichViewEdit. For example, they allow printing posters (e.g. A3 page on A4 printer).

srvskinmanager TSRVSkinManager allows applying skins to scrollbars of TSRichViewEdit/TDBSRichViewEdit, to TSRVScrollBar, to TSRVTabSet.

srvtabset TSRVTabSet – advanced skinnable tabs, can be used to implement a tabbed multiple document interface.

srvscrollbar TSRVScrollBar – skinnable scrollbar. This component is used for scrollbars in TSRichViewEdit, but may be useful as a separate component as well.