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srvtoolwindow TSRVToolWindow

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TSRVToolWindow shows a toolbar inside a popup window.

Unit SRVToolWindow.


TSRVToolWindow = class(TComponent)






TSRVToolWindow shows a toolbar inside a popup window, when you call Execute method. The window is closed without any action when it loses focus or when user clicks outside any button on the toolbar

TSRVToolWindow uses TSRVToolbar inside.

Usually TSRVToolWindow is used as a submenu for buttons in TSRichViewEdit's MenuVertical.


This class contains almost the same set of properties as TSRVCustomPropertyTB class and TSRVToolBar component.

A toolbar consists of buttons and a hint area.

The hint area can be placed at the top or at the bottom of the toolbar, depending on AlignText property. A height of this area is defined in HintHeight property. This area can work as a "Cancel" button. When none of buttons is highlighted, it displays HintCancel. Otherwise, it displays Caption of tool button. A font for text displayed in this area is specified in HintFont.

Buttons are defined in Buttons collection. Buttons are arranged in rows and columns, the number of columns is specified in ButtonsCol. A size of buttons is defined in ButtonWidth and ButtonHeight properties. A spacing between buttons is specified in Spacer.

The toolbar can have a border, its width is specified in BorderWidth.

The toolbar color is Color. Colors of disabled, pressed and highlighted buttons are specified in ColorDisable, ColorDown, and ColorSelect properties. A pen of frame around the toolbar is defined in PenFrame.