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TSRVCustomPropertyTB is the base class for TSRVPropertyTBH and TSRVPropertyTBV.

Unit SRVToolBar.


TSRVCustomPropertyTB = class(TPersistent)





This class is not used directly. It is a base class for types of MenuHorizontal and MenuVertical properties of TSRichViewEdit.

This class defines properties of toolbars. All properties are protected.

Some of these properties make sense only for toolbars displayed in tool windows, these properties are not published in TSRVPropertyTBH and TSRVPropertyTBV.


This class contains almost the same set of properties as TSRVToolBar and TSRVToolWindow components, but a hint area is hidden.

Buttons are defined in Buttons collection (or in external collections, like in case of MenuHorizontal and MenuVertical properties). A size of buttons is defined in ButtonWidth and ButtonHeight properties. A spacing between buttons is specified in Spacer. A horizontal positions of buttons is defined by AlignButton and Indent properties.

The toolbar can have a border, its width is specified in BorderWidth.

The toolbar color is Color. Colors of disabled, pressed and highlighted buttons are specified in ColorDisable, ColorDown, and ColorSelect properties. A pen of frame around the toolbar is defined in PenFrame.

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