rvofficeconverter TRVOfficeConverter (deprecated) [VCL and LCL]

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rvofficeconverter TRVOfficeConverter (deprecated) [VCL and LCL]

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TRVOfficeConverter allows using text converters from Microsoft Office (32-bit versions) with TRichViews, for importing and exporting files in different formats.

The converters technology is obsolete: new versions of Microsoft Office do not use them. But old converters still may be used.

This component is not available in FireMonkey version.

Unit RVOfficeCnv;


TRVOfficeConverter = class (TComponent)

(introduced in version 1.6)





How to Use

There are two types of converters: for importing and for exporting files.

Export converters convert RTF (Rich Text Format) to other formats, import converters convert different formats to RTF.

Lists of available converters are in ImportConverters and ExportConverters properties.

If there are no converters installed, converters lists are empty.

GetImportFilter and GetExportFilter return strings for assigning to Filter property of file-selection dialogs.

There are two modes for using this components.

1.You can convert RTF from Stream to file in another format (ExportRTF), or you can convert file to RTF Stream (ImportRTF).

2.You can export content of TRichView component in a file (ExportRV) or import from file (ImportRV). Such conversion still uses Stream internally.

While converting, the component generates OnConverting event.

If PreviewMode property is set to True, converters do their work silently, without displaying any dialogs. They can also produce lower quality results in this mode (that depends on a converter).

Platform notes

This component is useful only in 32-bit applications, because converters are 32-bit DLLs.

Demo projects


Additional resources

A set of converters for new formats of Microsoft Office: download from our web site (this file was originally placed on the Microsoft's website).