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Exports content of rv to file in foreign format.

function ExportRV(const FileName: TRVUnicodeString; rv: TCustomRichView;

  ConverterIndex: Integer): Boolean;

(changed in version 18)


FileName is a name of file to save.

ConverterIndex is an index of export converter (in ExportConverters list)

This method:

1.clears Stream;

2.saves RTF to Stream using rv.SaveRTFToStream;

3.performs converting;

4.clears Stream.

You can provide a visual indication for the conversion progress using OnConverting event.

Note: Internally, the component converts the file name to OEM (DOS) encoding to pass it to the converter. If FileName contains characters that cannot be converted to OEM encoding, this method fails.

Return value:

True if the export was successful, False if not.

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