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This class is an ancestor of all visual components in TRichView family (TRichView, TRichViewEdit, TDBRichView, TDBRichViewEdit, TRVPrintPreview).

Unit [VCL/FMX] RVScroll / fmxRVScroll.


TCustomRVControl = class (TCustomControl)

TRVScroller = class(TCustomRVControl)


hmtoggle_arrow1Hierarchy (VCL and LCL)

hmtoggle_arrow1Hierarchy (FireMonkey)

Main Features

This is a control what can scroll its content.

Do not use this class directly in your program. Use its descendants, such as TRichView.

TRVScroller is not registered as a component itself. It introduces some properties and methods used in descendant components.

VCL and LCL: Due to limitation of scrollbar ranges, its vertical scrollbar units are not pixels but special units, "RVSU" (10 pixels by default).

Main Properties and Methods

The most important properties of TRVScroller are:

VScrollPos position of vertical scrollbar;

VScrollMax (read-only) maximum value of VScrollPos;

NoHScroll  – disallows horizontal scrolling;

NoVScroll  – disallows vertical scrolling;

HScrollPos – position of horizontal scrollbar, measured in pixels;

HScrollMax (read-only) –  maximum value of HScrollPos;

InplaceEditor returns "inplace" editor of some item in document (used in tables for editing cells).

Additional properties for VCL and LCL versions:

WheelStep defines speed of mouse wheel scrolling.

The most important method is:

ScrollTo/ScrollToPosition, scrolls content of the component vertically to the specified position (in pixels).