TRVScroller.InplaceEditor (read-only)

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TRVScroller.InplaceEditor (read-only)

This property provides access to editor created for editing one of document items.

property InplaceEditor: TWinControl;

(introduced in version 1.4)

Inplace editor can be used to edit some cell in a table (see "Cell Editing"). In future versions, inplace editors can be used for some other types of items.

Inplace editors are derived from TCustomRichViewEdit type.

Inplace editor in its order can have its own inplace editor, and so on. If there is no inplace editor, this property is nil. At any time the control can have no more than one inplace editor.

Example:  (obtaining top level editor)


  rve: TCustomRichViewEdit;


  rve := MyRichViewEdit;

  while rve.InplaceEditor<>nil do

    rve := rve.InplaceEditor as TCustomRichViewEdit;

  // Now rve points to the top level inplace editor

  // (or MyRichViewEdit itself, if there are no

  // inplace editors).

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