Other Classes

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Other Classes

Other TRichView classes

ERichViewError – an exception class.

TCustomRVData – TRichView documents.

TPrintableRV – a TRichView object used internally by TRVPrint.

TRVBooleanRect – (Left, Top, Right, Bottom) boolean properties.

TRVDeleteUnusedStylesData allows deleting unused styles in multiple documents.

TRVGraphicHandler contains methods for working with graphics.

TRVIntegerList – a list of integer values.

TRVMathDocObject contains properties common for all equation objects in a document.

TRVRect – (Left, Top, Right, Bottom) TRVStyleLength properties.

TRVReportHelperWithHeaderFooters contains several TRVReportHelper components representing a main document, headers and footers.

TRVThumbnailMaker provides high-quality image scaling in TRichView.

TRVUnitsRect – (Left, Top, Right, Bottom) TRVLength properties.