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This class contains TRVReportHelper components representing a main document and all six possible headers and footers.

Unit RVLabelItem.


TRVReportHelperWithHeaderFooters = class;

(introduced in version 17)




An object of this class contains:

TRVReportHelper component used for the main document (it is accessible as MainDoc)

TRVReportHelper components used for all six headers and footers (they are accessible as GetHeader and GetFooter)

TRVStyle components for each TRVReportHelper.

See details in the help topic about the constructor.

Use AssignToRVPrint to initialize TRVPrint components for printing this document.


This class may be used for importing and exporting files. For example, it is used in the demo projects in <TRichView Dir>\ThirdParty\Export\:

LLPDFLib\Demos\RV2PDF\ (converting RTF and RVF files to PDF using LLPDFLib)

SynPDF\Demos\RV2PDF\ (converting RTF and RVF files to PDF using Synopse PDF Engine)

eDocEngine\Demos\TRichView (converting RTF and RVF files to PDF and other formats using eDocEngine)