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Creates an instance of TRVReportHelperWithHeaderFooters component.

constructor Create;

The constructor:

creates TRVReportHelper component which will be used for the main document (it is accessible as MainDoc)

creates TRVReportHelper components which will be used for all six headers and footers (they are accessible as GetHeader and GetFooter), assigns them as headers/footers to the main document;

creates TRVStyle components for each created TRVReportHelper and assigns them;

assigns properties of TRVReportHelper components so that they load RTF and RVF documents with maximum possible quality;

for TRVStyle of all headers and footers, assigns their MainRVStyle properties to MainDoc.RichView.Style (so, if you decide to use style templates, they all will use MainDoc.RichView.Style.StyleTemplates.

Default value


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