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rvstyle TRVStyle

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This invisible at run-time component is used for defining a visual appearance of RichView and its descendant components.

Unit [VCL/FMX] RVStyle / fmxRVStyle.


TRVStyle = class(TComponent)






If you want to display some document in RichView, associate this RichView with some RVStyle component: create TRVStyle component and assign it to the Style property of RichView. You can do it at design-time using the the Object Inspector.

The same RVStyle object can be used by several RichView, RichViewEdit, DBRichView, DBRichViewEdit controls.

But if you use the following:



TCustomRichView.LoadRVF, LoadRVFFromStream, and RVFTextStylesReadMode or RVFParaStylesReadMode <> rvf_sIgnore;

TDBRichView or TDBRichViewEdit, and RVFTextStylesReadMode or RVFParaStylesReadMode <> rvf_sIgnore

you must use one RVStyle for one RichView.

Design-Time Component Editor

TRVStyle has a design-time component editor (unit RVSEdit). This editor:

adds 3 items into the context menu for component: “Edit Text Styles”, “Edit Paragraph Styles”, “Edit List Styles” which invoke property editors for TextStyles, ParaStyles, or ListStyles;

adds “Convert Lengths to twips” (... to pixels, ... to EMU) item in the context menu, allowing to convert all RVStyle properties measured in Units.

adds 3 items into the context menu for component: “Edit Style Templates”, “Save Style Templates...”, “Load Style Templates...” which invoke property editors for StyleTemplates, save them to a file, and load them from a file.

invokes property editor for TextStyles on double-click.


Three main properties of RVStyle are:

TextStyles – collection of text attributes (styles), a collection of TFontInfo items;

ParaStyles – collection of paragraph attributes (styles), a collection of TParaInfo items;

ListStyles – collection of paragraph list styles (bullets and numbering), a collection of TRVListInfo items.

Style templates ("real" styles)

StyleTemplates – collection of "real" styles, controlling properties of TextStyles and ParaStyles;

Units of measurement

Units defines measure units for properties of this component and documents in linked TRichViiew controls.

UnitsPixelsPerInch defines DPI for values measured in pixels.

RVStyle allows to set some colors for associated controls:

Color background color;

SelColor, InactiveSelColor background colors of selected text (with and without focus);

SelTextColor, InactiveSelTextColor colors of selected text (with and without focus);

DisabledFontColor text color for disabled controls.

HoverColor default color of hypertext links under the mouse pointer;

CheckpointColor, CheckpointEvColor colors of checkpoints (if visible);

PageBreakColor color of explicit page breaks (if visible);

FloatingLineColor color of placeholders for left- and right-aligned items (if visible).

GridColor, GridReadOnlyColor colors of table grid lines (if visible); GridStyle, GridReadOnlyStyle define their pen styles.

RVStyle allows to set cursors:

JumpCursor hypertext cursor for hotspots and hot-pictures (and default cursor for text hypertext items);

LineSelectCursor cursor for the left margin.


SpacesInTab If positive, Add*** methods of RichView, methods for loading text and RTF, keyboard input will replace tab characters with the specified number of spaces. If 0 (default), a special tabulator item type is used;

DefTabWidth default distance between tab stops.

Properties related to label items and item types inherited from them:

FieldHighlightColor – color for highlighting label items.

FieldHighlightType specifies when to highlight label items.

FootnoteNumbering – numbering type for footnotes.

FootnotePageReset – numbering mode for footnotes.

EndnoteNumbering – numbering type for endnotes.

SidenoteNumbering – numbering type for sidenotes.

Properties related to selection:

SelectionStyle visual appearance of selection (draw for objects or lines);

SelectionMode modes of making selection;

SelectionHandleKind visual appearance of touch screen selection handles;

SelColor, InactiveSelColor background colors of selected text (with and without focus);

SelTextColor, InactiveSelTextColor colors of selected text (with and without focus).

SelOpacity selection fill opacity (opaque and semitransparent selection is drawn differently)

Other properties

TextEngine specifies which API is used for drawing and measuring text;

FontQuality font quality and anti-aliasing;

DefCodePage default code page for internal ANSI <->Unicode conversion;

LineWrapMode specifies a line wrapping algorithm;


Using main TRVStyle

If another TRVStyle component is assigned to MainRVStyle property, most properties of this TRVStyle simply provide access to properties of this main TRVStyle.

(For example, SelColor returns MainRVStyle.SelColor).

Initially, this feature was implemented to allow using a single StyleTemplates collection in multiple TRVStyle components. But in the new version of TRVStyle all properties of MainRVStyle are shared.

The following properties are not shared:




all events


You can save and load all information in RVStyle in ini-file:

SaveINI saves RVStyle properties in ini-file;

LoadINI loads RVStyle properties from ini-file;

or registry:

SaveReg saves RVStyle properties in ini-file;

LoadReg loads RVStyle properties from ini-file.

You can export styles in style sheet (for saving HTML files):



You can search for a style with the specified properties:

FindTextStyle, FindParaStyle


Custom drawing:

OnDrawCheckpoint drawing checkpoint;

OnDrawPageBreak drawing page break;

OnDrawParaBack drawing background of paragraph;

OnDrawTextBack drawing background of text;

OnApplyStyle applying text style to Canvas;

OnApplyStyleColor applying text style color to Canvas;

OnDrawStyleText drawing text of the given style;

OnStyleHoverSensitive "should the component be repainted when user moves the mouse pointer over hyperlink of the given style?".