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Defines units of measurement for properties of TRVStyle and linked TRichView controls.

property Units: TRVStyleUnits

(introduced in version 13)

All values of type TRVStyleLength are measured in units specified in this property.

If Units = rvstuPixels, DPI (dots per inch) of values is defined n UnitsPixelsPerInch property (i.e. 1 pixel = 1/UnitsPixelsPerInch of an inch).

Assignment to this property does not convert properties to new units. To change units of measurement, at first call one of ConvertDocTo* methods of all TRichView components linked to this TRVStyle, then call one of ConvertTo* methods to convert properties of this TRVStyle component to the same units of measurement.

At design time, you can convert units using TRVStyle's context menu (“Convert Lengths to Pixels”, “Convert Lengths to Twips”, “Convert Lengths to EMU” commands).

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