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In this event you can define whether TRichView should redraw itself when the mouse pointer moves in or out of the area of text of the StyleNo-th style.

property OnStyleHoverSensitive: TRVStyleHoverSensitiveEvent;



  TRVStyleHoverSensitiveEvent =

    procedure (Sender: TRVStyle;

      StyleNo: Integer;

      var Sensitive: Boolean) of object;

(introduced in version 1.3)

This event occurs only for hypertext styles.

Input parameters:

Sender – TRVStyle generating the event.

StyleNo – index of text style in TextStyles collection.

SensitiveTrue if for the given text style (HoverEffects=[]) or (HoverBackColor<>BackColor) or (HoverColor<>clNone) or (HoverUnderlineColor<>clNone), or if HoverColor<>clNone. False otherwise.


Output parameters:

Set Sensitive to True is you want to draw a special effect for "hot" (under the mouse pointer) text for this text style.


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