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Specifies underline highlight color for hypertext links of this style.

property UnderlineColor: TColor;

(introduced in version 10)

Underline is displayed only if fsUnderline is included in Style, or rvheUnderline is included HoverEffects.

If this style is a hypertext style (Jump=True), underline of text of this style can be highlighted with this color when user moves the mouse pointer above it.

If this property is equal to clNone, UnderlineColor is used. If it is, in its order, equal to clNone, HoverColor is used. If it is, in its order, equal to clNone, Color is used.

RTF Note:

This attribute cannot be stored in RTF files.

HTML Note:

Colored underlines are not supported in HTML and CSS.

SaveHTML ignores this attribute. SaveHTMLEx saves colored underline as a bottom border side of the text's <span> element.

Default value:


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