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This is an ancestor class for TFontInfo (class of item in collection of text styles).

TCustomRVFontInfo introduces the most of properties of text.

Unit RVStyle.


  TCustomRVFontInfo = class(TCustomRVFontOrParaInfo)








Font attributes (similar to properties of TFont):

FontName – font name;

Size and SizeDouble – font size;

Color – text color;

Style – text styles (bold, italic, underline, strikeout);

Charset – font character set (for non-Unicode text styles).

Additional properties affecting text appearance and layout:

BackColor – text background color;

UnderlineColor – underline color;

UnderlineType – underline style (normal, double, dotted, etc.);

StyleEx – additional text styles (overline, all-caps);

SubSuperScriptType – normal text/subscript/superscript;

VShift moves text up or down from its base line;

CharScale – horizontal character scaling;

CharSpacing – spacing between characters;

BiDiMode – default text direction.

EmptyWidth – width for empty text item

Hypertext properties:

HoverColor – text highlight color;

HoverBackColor – text background highlight color;

HoverUnderlineColor – underline highlight color;

HoverEffects – additional highlight effects (underline);

JumpCursor – mouse cursor for this text.

Properties related to editing in TCustomRichViewEdit:

Protection – text protection options;

EmptyWidth – width for empty text item, affects editing.

Properties related to text export:

Options allows to create RTF and HTML codes.


IsEqual compares this text style with another one.

You can use Assign method to assign:

TCustomRVFontInfo to TCustomRVFontInfo;

TFont to TCustomRVFontInfo;

TCustomRVFontInfo to TFont.

See Also


TFontInfo – class inherited from this class, text attributes (style);

TFontInfos – collection of text attributes (styles) (TFontInfo).

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