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Specifies the width of a text item if its text is empty.

property EmptyWidth: TRVStyleLength;

(introduced in version 17)

If a positive value is assigned to this property, text items formatted with this style have special behavior. Editing operations ( Delete  ,  Backspace  keys, deleting selection) can delete all text of this item without deleting this item: it becomes empty. Empty items have the specified width. Unless protected, this empty item can be deleted using  Delete  or  Backspace  keys.

Such text items can be used to implement text fields in document. It's recommended to define background color for them.

For all normal text items, selection/caret position after the item equals to length of text + 1. But for items of styles having EmptyWidth > 0, the position after empty text item is 2.


you can assign a small value to this property, less than width of space character; or

you can assign a large value to this property, to attract attention to unfilled fields.

Default value:


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