Selecting Part of TRichView Document

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Selecting Part of TRichView Document

User can select a part TRichView document with the mouse (in TRichViewEdit he/she also can use  Shift +caret movement keys).

You can turn off/on a word selection mode, see TRVStyle.SelectionMode.

Selection Appearance

Selected text has RichView.Style.SelTextColor/InactiveSelTextColor color and RichView.Style.SelColor/InactiveSelColor background.

By default, it is clHighlightText on clHighlight both for active (focused) and inactive windows.

See also RVStyle.SelectionStyle.


You can:

disallow making selection (clear rvoAllowSelection in Options); please do not use in editor!

determine if the selection is not empty (SelectionExists);

deselect TRichView (Deselect; Invalidate);

select the whole document (SelectAll; Invalidate);

get selection bounds (GetSelectionBounds);

select a part of the document (SetSelectionBounds;Invalidate);

select the inserted control (SelectControl);

get the selection as a text (GetSelText, GetSelTextW);

get the selection as a Rich Text Format  (SaveRTFToStream, SaveRTF);

get the selection as an image, if image is selected (GetSelectedImage);

save the selection to stream or file (SaveRVFToStream, SaveRVF);

copy the selection to the Clipboard in various formats (see RichView Clipboard Functions Overview)

In editor you can:

delete selection (DeleteSelection);

select the current word or line;

cut selection to the Clipboard (CutDef);


Note: All methods introduced in RichView which can change visual appearance require calling Invalidate or Refresh after them.

Note: All methods working with selection must be called only when the document is formatted.

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