TRVStyle.InactiveSelColor, InactiveSelTextColor, SelColor, SelTextColor

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TRVStyle.InactiveSelColor, InactiveSelTextColor, SelColor, SelTextColor

Color of text and background of selected text in TRichView components.

property SelColor: TColor;

property SelTextColor: TColor;

property InactiveSelColor: TColor;

property InactiveSelTextColor: TColor;

("Inactive" properties are introduced in version 1.6)

SelColor and SelTextColor are used when the control is focused. InactiveSelColor and InactiveSelTextColor are used otherwise.

Background colors (SelColor and InactiveSelColor) are used for:

drawing background for the selected text;

shading the selected bullets and hotspots,

drawing a frame around the selected breaks,

drawing background for the selected pictures and controls,

drawing background for selected table cells.

Set InactiveSelColor and InactiveSelTextColor to clNone to hide a selection when the input focus shifts to another control.

TRichView must be linked with this TRVStyle (see TRichView.Style).

Default values:

SelColor: clHighlight

SelTextColor: clHighlightText

InactiveSelColor: clHighlight

InactiveTextColor: clHighlightText

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