Bullets in TRichView Documents

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Bullets in TRichView Documents

"Bullet" is an image from TImageList. Bullets are useful if you want to create document where the same (small) image is used many times.

For example, they can be used for smiles in chats.

This item type has no relation to paragraph bullets and numbering.

Style of this item type: rvsBullet (-6)

For hypertext bullets, see hotspot item type.

Methods of TCustomRichView

The following viewer-style methods add item of this type to the end of the document:


The following viewer-style method changes the main properties of item of this type:


The following method returns main properties of the given item of this type:


Methods of TCustomRichViewEdit

The following editor-style method inserts item of this type at the position of caret:


The following editor-style methods modify main properties of the item of this type:



The following method returns main properties of the item of this type at the position of caret:



Main properties

ImageList is specified when this item is added. It cannot be changed.

Image index can be changed by the methods listed above. It is also accessible as rveipcImageIndex property.

Layout and appearance

This item type has the following integer properties related to layout and appearance:

rvepSpacing – padding (spacing between the picture and its border; if a background color is specified, this area is colored);

rvepColor – background color;

rvepBorderWidth, rvepBorderColor – width and color of a border;

rvepOuterHSpacing, rvepOuterVSpacing – horizontal and vertical spacing around the border.

Vertical Position

This item type has the following properties affecting vertical position:


extra integer properties: rvepVShift, rvepVShiftAbs.


Bullets cannot be resized.

Other properties

This item type has the following specific string properties:

rvespAlt – text representation of the image, saved in HTML as <IMG alt> attribute;

Memory Usage

RichView does not own this image-list, and it does not destroy it when clearing document.

Saving and Loading


ImageLists themselves are not saved in RVF. RichView stores TImageList.Tag. When loading, OnRVFImageListNeeded occurs allowing you to provide image-lists for bullets and hotspots.

Export to RTF, DocX and HTML

Bullets are exported as pictures. If you want to write special code for exporting bullets in HTML, use OnHTMLSaveImage event.