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Changes properties for the item at the position of caret, if this item is a bullet or hotspot.

VCL and LCL:

procedure SetCurrentBulletInfo(const AName: TRVUnicodeString

  AImageIndex: Integer; AImageList: TCustomImageList;

  const ATag: TRVTag);

(changed in version 18)


procedure SetCurrentBulletInfo(const AName: TRVUnicodeString

  AImageIndex: Integer; AImageList: TCustomImageList;

  const ATag: TRVTag;

  AImageWidth, AImageHeight: TRVStyleLength);

SetCurrentBulletInfo(...) is equivalent to TopLevelEditor.SetBulletInfoEd(TopLevelEditor.CurItemNo, ...).

This method can be used if CurItemStyle returns rvsBullet or rvsHotspot.


AName name of bullet, any string without line break (CR, LF) characters. It can also be set using SetCurrentItemTextW method.

AImageList not used, reserved, set it to nil.

AImageIndex – index of image in image list. It can also be set using SetCurrentItemExtraIntPropertyEx method.

ATag tag of the item. You can use value returned by GetCurrentBulletInfo or GetCurrentTag for this item. The tag can also be set by SetCurrentTag method.

Additional parameters for FireMonkey version:

AImageWidth, AImageHeight the desired size of the image. The component chooses the image that fits the specified size. The image is not scaled.


Method type: editstyle editing-style.

Additional item properties are assigned by the methods SetCurrentItemExtraIntProperty and SetCurrentItemExtraStrProperty.

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