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Creates or modifies checkpoint associated with the item at the position of caret.

procedure SetCurrentCheckpointInfo(const ATag: TRVTag

  const AName: TRVUnicodeString; ARaiseEvent: Boolean);

(changed in version 18)

SetCurrentCheckpointInfo(...) is equivalent to TopLevelEditor.SetCheckpointInfoEd(TopLevelEditor.CurItemNo, ...).

If the item at the position of caret already has a checkpoint (see GetCurrentCheckpoint), its properties are modified; otherwise, a new checkpoint is created.

This method is used in conjunction with GetCurrentCheckpoint and RemoveCurrentCheckpoint. The alternative set of methods is: InsertCheckpoint, GetCheckpointAtCaret and RemoveCheckpointAtCaret.


ATag tag of checkpoint;

AName name of the checkpoint, any string without line break (CR, LF) characters.

ARaiseEvent "raise event" flag; if set, RichView can generate OnCheckpointVisible event for this checkpoint.


Method type: editstyle editing-style.


See also methods:

GetCurrentCheckpoint, RemoveCurrentCheckpoint;

InsertCheckpoint, GetCheckpointAtCaret, RemoveCheckpointAtCaret;


See also properties:


See also:

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