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Changes properties for the item at the position of caret, if this item is a break

procedure SetCurrentBreakInfo(AWidth: TRVStyleLength;

  AStyle: TRVBreakStyle;  AColor: TColor; const ATag: TRVTag);

SetCurrentBreakInfo(...) is equivalent to TopLevelEditor.SetBreakInfoEd(TopLevelEditor.CurItemNo, ...).

This method can be used if CurItemStyle returns rvsBreak.


AWidth – line width (or rectangle height). This value is measured in Style.Units.

AStyle – visual style of this break, see TRVBreakStyle for possible values.

AColor – line color. If it is equal to clNone, Style.TextStyles[0].Color is used.

ATag tag of the item. You can use value returned by GetCurrentBreakInfo or GetCurrentTag for this item.


Instead of this method, you can use SetCurrentItemExtraIntPropertyEx and SetCurrentTag methods.


Method type: editstyle editing-style.

Additional item properties are assigned by the methods SetCurrentItemExtraIntProperty and SetCurrentItemExtraStrProperty.


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