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Occurs when reading bullet, hotspot or list level with imagelist picture from RVF.


  TRVFImageListNeededEvent = 

    procedure(Sender: TCustomRichView

      ImageListTag: Integer; 

      var il: TCustomImageList) of object;


property OnRVFImageListNeeded: TRVFImageListNeededEvent;

If you do not process this event, RichView is not able to read bullets, hotspots and list level with imagelist from RVF file or stream.

When saving these items, RichView saves Tag of the corresponding ImageList (do not confuse with RichView items' tags, this is TCustomImageList.Tag property). This value is passed as ImageListTag parameter of this event on reading.

Assign your ImageList to il parameter (note: RichView does not own ImageLists, it will not destroy it).

This event is generated for each bullet, hotspot and list levels with imagelist in RVF, so it is not recommended to perform time consuming calculations in this event.


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