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Inserts bullet in the position of caret.

function InsertBullet(ImageIndex: Integer; ImageList: TCustomImageList): Boolean;


Name name of bullet, any string. Name must not contain CR and LF characters. RichViewEdit does not use item names itself, they are for your own use. This is an ANSI string, regardless of Unicode mode of text styles.

ImageIndex index of image in ImageList.

ImageList image list for this bullet. RichView does not own, does not copy and does not destroy image lists, it just holds pointers to them. So this image list is not destroyed when the document is cleared.


Method type: editstyle editing-style method for insertion.

unicode Unicode note: names of non-text items are ANSI strings.


Return value:

True if the insertion was successful (it can fail due to protection, or when inserting in table having multicell selection)

See also methods of TCustomRichView:


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